Schedule AI Commands


With HARPA X and S plans, AI commands can be scheduled in Automation tab. Using Command Scheduling requires a basic understanding of Custom Commands & Parameters.

# How to Schedule AI Commands

  1. Open HARPA AI on any website by clicking the HARPA AI icon in the top right corner or by pressing Alt+A (on Windows) or ^+A (on Mac).
  2. Make sure you are logged into HARPA AI and activated the HARPA X or S plan.
  3. Open the AUTOMATE tab on the top, you will be presented with a list of possible automations - click "Run AI command".

  1. From this screen you can configure the following settings:


    • Specify the website address where the automation will run.


    • Select the Command to Run from the list.
    • Select a parameter that will be displayed as the result on the Automate Tab; in the given example, it's the parameter responsible for the number of processed emails.
    • Choose the CloudGPT connection type and the command execution time limit.

  • BEFORE RUN (Optional)

    • Configure criteria for when the page is "loaded" and conditions to run the command, like text appearing, blocking banners, or scrolling.

  • USER AGENT (Optional)

    • Set the user device emulator and force its language.


    • Set the Command Run Frequency, browser window type (Tab, Pinned Tab, Hidden Frame), and enable or disable the Auto-Close option.
    • Most commands work best with Tabs + Auto-Close option.

  1. Finally, hit the START button, and you're all set with your Command Scheduling!

# Automations Dashboard

You can always see how your Commands and Monitors perform by navigating to the HARPA Automations Dashboard at https://app.harpa.ai/.

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