Troubleshoot Billing


# Troubleshoot Billing Issues

In this guide, we'll address common questions about HARPA X and HARPA S plans, along with pricing details. We'll cover:

  • How to Purchase HARPA X / S Plans
  • Payment Issues and Error Messages
  • Activating Your Premium Plan
  • Changing Your Premium Plan

# How to Purchase HARPA X / S Plans?

  1. Please navigate to HARPA Pricing page.
  2. In the top right corner, click on the Sign in button.
  3. Enter your email; you will receive an email with a link to access your account.
    • You can use a Google Mail account to register, in which case the login happens automatically, without a link.
  4. After logging in, you will see the Pricing page with a selection of premium plans.
  5. If you need a personal plan, you can select either X (lifetime deal) or S (annual or monthly billing). If you want to work in a team and create your own Team Space, please read this guide.

  1. To purchase the X plan, click the “GET FOR LIFE” button; for the S plan, click “UPGRADE”.s
  2. A payment system window will open. If the language or currency does not match your region, change them in the top right corner. The payment must be made with a card from the corresponding country.

  1. Complete the payment process. You will receive the receipt by email, and the Premium Plan will be activated immediately after payment.

# Upgrade Errors or Payment Declines

The following message indicates a failed purchase: We regret that your order could not be accepted. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance.

Here are the typical reasons for payment declines:

  • Failed 3D Secure: 16%
  • Insufficient funds: 12%
  • Not permitted: 5%
  • Suspected Fraud: 3%
  • Other (64%): invalid card credentials, card not activated, expired card, closed account, invalid CVV, issuer decline, general error, restricted card.

Here are the things to try:

  • Ensure the payment is being made from the region where the card has been issued. The region can be switched in the top right corner of the payment window during checkout.
  • Change your IP address to the region of the purchase e.g. by turning off your VPN or connecting to your mobile network.
  • Use one of the direct checkout link: X Plan, S1 Monthly Plan or S1 Yearly Plan
  • Use a different card / payment method.
  • Use a different browser for payment (for example, Google Chrome or Brave instead of Safari).

If nothing helps, fill in a FastSpring customer support form or send us a direct email at [email protected].

You can get more help on FastSpring customer support page.

# I paid for the HARPA X or S plan, but it is not activated

Please try the following:

  • Make sure to log in to HARPA.AI with your account.
  • Navigate to and refresh the harpa.ai/pricing browser tab to verify the payment has been processed.
  • Open HARPA AI in any tab, navigate to Profile screen and click “refresh” button alongside your profile.

If these steps do not help, or if you accidentally purchased the subscription for a different account, please write to [email protected], and we will try to find a solution. Please attach a few screenshots and mention your billing email.

# I purchased a premium plan and would like to change it

You can switch your Upgrade plan on the Pricing page:

  1. Visit the Pricing page.
  2. Click on the UPGRADE button.

If you want to upgrade from HARPA X to the HARPA S annual plan, you will get a discount equal to the amount spent on purchasing the HARPA X plan.

# Q&As

Q.: Do you offer a trial period?

A.: Currently, we do not offer trial periods. However, all users can try the product with certain limitations in Power Messages. If you don't exceed these limits and don't need Pro features, the free version might be enough. We might introduce trial periods after launching the S2-S3 subscriptions, which would allow trying features not available.

Q.: Do you have promo codes?

A.: We don't provide discounts and promo codes. The price is equal for all users. We may introduce promo codes after increasing the price of HARPA X with the addition of new features.

Q.: Can I buy HARPA X and use it on multiple devices?

A.: HARPA X is a personal LTD that allows use on one active device per profile. You can use it on 2-3-4 computers or browsers, but not at the same time.

Q.: How long will the LTD offer for HARPA X be available?

A.: HARPA X is a limited time deal. The price might increase as new features are added between major versions and the product is refined. The offer will become unavailable eventually, leaving only S plans.

Q.: If I purchase HARPA X, will I have access to the product updates?

A.: As an X plan owner, you will receive all future update automatically, however some features will only be available on S plans, including scheduling commands, agents orchestration, data export and import etc.

Q.: Why is there an S1 annual plan if HARPA X is cheaper and has the same features?

A.: HARPA X is temporarily cheaper. Future S plans will include Cloud GPT Megatokens, enabling API access for GPT-4 and other connections. The S plan is suitable for team work, offering shared cloud storage for custom commands.

Q.: I bought HARPA X but want the S1-S3 plan, what should I do?

A.: You can upgrade to the annual S1-S3 plan by paying the price difference.

Q.: I want to buy the HARPA X plan, but I'm unsure how long it will last. What if OpenAI stops working or GPT becomes paid-only?

A.: Unfortunatley, we can't guarantee free LLM availability or pricing. However, we will keep adding new connections and LLMs as alternatives. Currently, HARPA supports Claude AI, Gemini, and 30+ options through OpenRouter AI.

Q.: Can I be banned for using HARPA AI?

A.: You might get blocked by web services for violating their ToS, e.g. engaging in spamming. This is beyond our control. We have a list of prohibited uses outlined at https://harpa.ai/terms#prohibited-uses

We have no OpenAI account bans reported, however, make sure to follow ChatGPT ToS, use API keys for AI automations, add delays with the WAIT step and do not misuse AI, to avoid potential issues.

Q.: Can I be banned by you?

A.: Your account is safe as long as you follow HARPA ToS. Reporting vulnerabilities or platform misuse to us may result in our gratitude & free plan upgrades. Reverse-engineering or re-distributing HARPA AI software, without our explicit consent, may lead to legal action.

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