AI Commands & ChatML


# Overview

Welcome to custom HARPA AI commands.

This guide will help you create reusable AI-powered web automations that can boost your productivity or serve as digital workforce for your team. AI commands are used to:

  • Scrape and extract structural data from web pages
  • Automate blog post writing en-masse
  • Track SERP pages for changes
  • Create form-filling shortcuts
  • Use AI to quickly reply to emails and messages, and much more

Custom HARPA AI commands can be created from the command management interface. Commands then can be exported and shared as .YAML files.

Make sure to get HARPA AI from the Chrome Web Store before you proceed.

# Basic building blocks

HARPA AI commands are built from a set of basic building blocks, called Automation Steps. Steps are used to create a sequence of actions that are executed one by one. Steps can do the following tasks:

  • Print messages to chat
  • Ask for user input
  • Send AI requests
  • Navigate to a URL
  • Click on page elements
  • Extract data from web pages
  • Fetch web page HTML content
  • Run JavaScript code
  • Call remote APIs
  • Set or modify parameter values
  • Loop over data sets
  • Insert text into forms and more

Most steps read and write data to Parameters. Parameters are used to store data and pass it between steps. Parameters can be used to store user input, AI responses, extracted data, and more.

# What is ChatML

HARPA stores commands in human-readable .YAML files, in a format called ChatML.


You do not have to write ChatML to create custom AI commands. In case you’d want to edit YAML configuration directly, this guide includes the ChatML specification and code snippets.

ChatML stands for Chat Markup Language. It is a simple language for declaring chat dialog flows and automations in a structured and human-friendly way. ChatML is an open specification, and was designed to facilitate adoption of advanced page-aware OpenAI GPT dialogs and personalised web automations.

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