Navigate Step


This step forces HARPA to navigate the opened tab to a specific URL or refresh the current tab if the URL input field is empty:

ChatML declaration

# full version
- type: navigate
  url: 'https://google.com'

# short version
- navigate: 'https://google.com'

# missing protocol, https is assumed
- navigate: 'google.com'

# relative path
- navigate: '/search'

# reload opened page
- navigate: ''

# Example

Direct HARPA to a website to summarize it in bullet points:

ChatML declaration

  title: WP:Technology summary
  description: ''
  category: User
  name: wp-technology-summary
  - type: navigate
    url: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/
    waitForIdle: true
  - type: gpt
    prompt: >-
      Please ignore all previous instructions. The output should be in

      Please analyze the data from the page and select the three most recent
      articles for me. Provide their brief summaries and links to them.

      Output format:

      ### Article Title with built-in link

      Brief summary in two sentences

      The Washington Post webpage: {{page}}
version: 1

The NAVIGATE step allows you to create complex custom commands. For example, you could take user input via ASK step (e.g., Google search query) and then perform a parameterized NAVIGATE using the {{p1}} parameter in the URL.

You'll be redirected to a Google search using the query entered in the HARPA AI chat:

ChatML declaration

  title: Google Search
  description: ''
  category: User
  name: dhzk0aMdzfog3M-Jg_FI4
  - type: ask
    message: What would you like me to Google for you?
    param: p1
    default: ''
  - type: navigate
    url: google.com/search?q={{p1}}
    waitForIdle: true
version: 1
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