Extract Step



Use EXTRACT step to retrieve information from web elements on the page. The data you retrieve could be anything: from the number of followers on Instagram account, to social media post message, product price or an article outline.

The data is stored in the parameter you specify, {{param}} by default. If no element matching selector found, a default value will be stored in the parameter.

Under the hood, HARPA AI uses AI Element Selectors to find the element to click on. You can use the "Grab" button to select the element to click on or customize the selector manually in the YAML file.

ChatML declaration

- type: extract
  selectorType: ai
    - $matches:
        - $tag: H1
        - $role: heading
        - $class: PostContent__title
        - $style: Poppins:48px:600:normal
        - $content: Extract & Content Steps
        - $class: PostContent__header
          traverse: '1'
        - $class: PostContent__content
          traverse: '0:1'
        - $class: PostContent
          traverse: '1:0:1'
        - $class: Page__content
          traverse: '0:1:0:1'
        - $class: Page
          traverse: '0:0:1:0:1'
        - $anchor: CONTENTS
          shift: 79:-132
        - $text: CONTENTS
          traverse: '-3:0:1'
        - $anchor: HARPA.AI
          shift: '77:150'
        - $text: HARPA.AI
          traverse: '-3:1:0:1'
        - $anchor: Overview
          shift: 67:-184
        - $text: Overview
          traverse: '-4:0:1'
      min: 5
    - $size: 1
  param: ''
  default: ''
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