Getting Started with HARPA AI

This guide helps you to get started with HARPA AI

Please familiarize yourself with its powerful features by reviewing the sidebar section on the left. If you’re short on time, check out one of the YouTube video guides:

# Welcome to HARPA AI

HARPA is AI-powered Chrome Extension that allows you to:

  • Integrate ChatGPT into your web browser to run page-aware ChatGPT prompts, display ChatGPT answers next to search results, summarize web pages into emails, tweets, and articles, generate content and email responses with ChatGPT, and extract data, prices, and SEO keywords from web pages.
  • Monitor website content for changes to automatically detect price drops and back-in-stock product alerts, refresh web pages, turn websites into APIs with, Integromat, Webhooks.

HARPA AI is a Swiss Army knife of a product 🇨🇭, designed to bring the future of Artificial Intelligence and Web Automation to your browser.

## Setting up HARPA AI

HARPA AI relies on ChatGPT to provide generative AI features. However you do not need a ChatGPT account if you only use HARPA AI for Website Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence.

Setting up an AI search assistant is very easy if you have a ChatGPT account and a Chromium-based browser. Here's how to do it:

  1. Install Google Chrome or one of the Chromium-based browsers
  2. Claim free HARPA AI from the official Chrome WebStore
  3. Login to ChatGPT in your browser

Done! You are now set up to use HARPA AI. Read along for an overview of the core features or pick one of the guides on the left for in-depth documentation.

HARPA AI supports both free OpenAI account and OpenAI Plus version (ChatGPT Plus) with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. You can experience the full power of GPT-4 ChatGPT writing in different styles or use GPT-3.5 for faster response times.

## AI features overview

HARPA works as AI Copilot for Chrome. It understands web page semantics, converts web pages into text documents, and feeds them to OpenAI ChatGPT. This makes HARPA an ultimate browser automation assistant and allows you to do the following:

  • Display ChatGPT answers alongside search results on Google Search, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines.
  • Summarise and rewrite web pages into emails, tweets and articles.
  • Extract data, prices, contacts and SEO keywords from web pages.
  • Run page-aware commands such as perform LinkedIn CV reviews.
  • Generate contextual email responses, tweets, articles, comments and posts ChatGPT writer called Composer.
  • Extract key takeaways from hours long YouTube videos to save time on watching.
HARPA AI comes with over 100 page-aware AI commands which you can check out on our Use Cases page.

Once installed, HARPA AI can be called on any website with Alt+A. The AI section of the HARPA interface is AI-powered, page-aware chat. You can ask HARPA questions about the page content and run commands typing them after slash / symbol.

HARPA AI supports contextual parameters. For example, if you type {{page}} to your question and hit send button, HARPA AI will parse text content of the page, insert it into your question in place of page parameter and send to ChatGPT.

Other parameters include YouTube video transcript with transcript, domain, url etc.

The platform supports defining and reusing custom AI commands, text grabbing from page, answer language customization and other features.

## Automation features overview

Our goal at HARPA AI is to bring the future of AI-assisted personal web automation. We have designed an automation engine capable of running, inspecting and acting upon the web pages in background.

The most basic feature of HARPA AI web automation is its ability to monitor data on web pages. To access the web monitoring, switch to MONITOR tab in HARPA AI interface.

Then simply pick what you would like to monitor, e.g. a price, page content, text line, a data element or simply ask it to refresh the page periodically e.g. if you are monitoring a KPI dashboard.

HARPA AI will refresh the web page periodically in background and will notify you whenever the page, price or the data you monitor changes. The monitoring feature is used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Buying when price drops. Create web monitors that periodically extract prices from any e-commerce platform, such as Walmart, Amazon and H&M, and notify you when prices drop, saving you money on online purchases.
  • Snatching the best deals. Monitor web pages for specific text to appear (e.g. Discount) or disappear (e.g. Out of Stock) to be the first snatching the best offers, buying products or claiming appointments.
  • Auto-refresh Pages. Periodically auto-refresh web pages, track appointment slots availability, jobs and vacancies, articles and legislations, changes in competitors’ pricing pages, competitor product rollouts, hotels, and airline tickets.
  • Report Website Downtime. Set up a HARPA monitor to check if a website or blog is down or has been defaced.
  • Turns Websites into APIs. API-fy any website for which no official API is available. Build data dashboards and IFTTT chains for your business and customers. Connect HARPA to 3rd party applications via webhooks and / Integromat

HARPA AI runs automations transparently. You can check the progress and results of the web monitoring and automation tasks on the HARPA AI automations dashboard.

Monitoring is the foundation of the web automation platform. More automations features are coming to the product with every release.

## Using HARPA AI

HARPA AI has been designed to be easy to use:

  • Once installed as a Chrome Extension, HARPA AI can be opened on any page with Alt+A key combination or from the browser toolbar by clicking Plugins > HARPA. The app appears in the web page and contains two functional tabs: AI and MONITOR.
  • Type /summary in AI tab to summarize the opened page. Explore predefined AI commands by typing / slash symbol in chat. Commands are split into categories. You can create custom commands from the same / slash menu.
  • To monitor a price or data on the web page, switch to the MONITOR tab. HARPA AI will scan the web page and pre-create a list of monitors for you. Click one of the monitors then click START button to initiate it.
  • You can create a custom monitor by clicking CUSTOM MONITOR button, or select an element on page to monitor by clicking ELEMENT button. You can switch to the monitors dashboard view by clicking DASHBOARD button.
  • No registration is required for HARPA AI; all you need is an access to OpenAI ChatGPT account. ChatGPT Plus will give you the privilege of priority access and faster response speed that might be useful during peak times.

Consult additional guides for further information, including:

  • Using ChatGPT Commands guide for information on using preconfigured page-aware AI commands.
  • Monitoring Price Drops guide for information on HARPA AI monitoring capabilities, monitoring prices online and buying when price drops or product is back in stock.
  • Custom AI Commands on creating reusable AI commands, tailored to your web workflow.

Feel free to browse external HARPA AI guides:

Request more guides by emailing us through the form below. Happy automating!

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