Reporting Bugs


# How to Report Bugs & Suggest Features

You can report bugs to [email protected]. We welcome and process all bug reports, and try to address them all. We might not be able to reply to every bug report promptly, especially if the issue has been reported before, and has been acknowledged.

# What to do before sending a bug report?

Please make sure you have the latest version of HARPA AI running. To force the latest HARPA AI version:

  • Visit chrome://extensions/ link in your browser.
  • Turn on Developer Mode switch in the top right corner.

  • Locate HARPA AI, click on Details:

  • Click Update in the top left corner:

  • Fully quit and restart your browser, and try to reproduce the issue with the latest product version.

Some issues may be caused by other browser extensions, e.g. uBlock Origin. To check if this is the case, please try to reproduce the issue while other extensions disabled. If the issue persists, please send us a bug report.

# What to include to your Bug Report?

Sending a good bug report, with reproduction steps and screenshots, helps us understand the issue and fix it faster. Please include the following information to your bug report email:

  • Short summary: describe the issue. Bug reports can be about HARPA AI's functionality, AI connectivity, AI Commands, so please specify the problem.
  • Reproduction steps: describe how to reproduce the issue. If you can't reproduce the issue, please describe the steps you took before encountering the issue.
  • Browser and OS: specify your browser (e.g. Brave) and operating system versions (e.g. MacOS 12).
  • [Optional] Custom command export file, if your custom command fails.
  • [Optional] Screenshot of the App.
  • [Optional] Screenshot of the App Console.
  • [Optional] Screenshot of the Background Console.

# How to take App Console screenshot

HARPA has two consoles: App Console and Background Console. The App Console is the one you see when you open HARPA AI on any website. The Background Console is the one you see when you open the Chrome extensions page.


Screenshots are the most useful part of any bug report. Screenshots help us understand the issue and fix it faster.

To take a screenshot of the App Console:

  1. Reproduce the problem. Right click on the HARPA AI window and click Inspect. A window or panel will appear.
  2. Click Console tab in the window or panel that appears and take a screenshot.
  3. Take a screenshot and add it to your bug report.

To take a screenshot of the Background Console:

  1. Navigate to the Chrome extensions page at chrome://extensions/
  2. In the top right corner, activate Developer Mode

  1. Locate HARPA AI in the extensions list and click background page link:

  1. In the window that opens, click the Console tab:

  1. Take a screenshot and add it to your bug report.

# How to export a custom command

  1. Open HARPA AI on any website. Type the slash / symbol in the HARPA AI chat and select a command to export.
  2. Click the EXPORT button at the top left corner.

  1. The file has been exported in a YAML format, attach it to your bug report.

# Bug Report Example 1

  • Problem: The CLEAR step interrupts command execution

  • How to reproduce: Create any custom command that starts with a CLEAR step, followed by any subsequent step. Run the command. The second step will not run. Microsoft Edge, Windows OS.

  • Attachments: Custom command screenshot, custom command YAML file.

# Bug Report Example 2

  • Problem: I see a white screen instead of the account tab in HARPA AI, preventing me from logging in. Vivaldi, Windows OS.

  • Attachments: App Screenshot, App Console Screenshot, Background Console Screenshot.

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