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Use Finish Writing command in HARPA to write emails, replies, comments on websites. This command adapts writing style to the type of website it is used on, such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, ProtonMail, and LinkedIn.

# Reply to Emails with Finish Writing

  1. Draft a simple reply in GMail such as "ok, zoom call tomorrow at 2 pm", then hit "Finish Writing" in the quick access bar.

    • Or open HARPA AI and select Finish Writing from the quick access commands list.

    • Or start typing /finish in the HARPA chat box and launch the command.

  2. HARPA will locate the text you typed, and turn it into a finished email using the context from a webpage.

  3. Copy the response or PASTE it into a text field with a single click.

# How to set tone of AI response

You can set the tone of your response and provide some factual information via the /finish-writing or /reply command at any time, so that GPT understands how and on whose behalf to respond.

This can be done either after executing the command or by initiating the command without writing a draft in the page input field.

You'll get the current tone and personal information settings in code blocks, making it easy to copy-paste and modify.

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