Editing Predefined Commands


With HARPA X and S plans, you can adjust preset AI commands to fit your exact needs, allowing you to personalize the command output as you wish.

# How to edit commands

  1. Open HARPA AI on any website by clicking the HARPA AI icon in the top right corner or by pressing Alt+A (on Windows) or ^+A (on Mac).
  2. Make sure you are logged into HARPA AI and activated the HARPA X or S plan.
  3. Type / in chat and hover over the command you wish to edit, e.g. TL;DR.
  4. Click the Duplicate and Edit button.

  1. You'll get all steps of selected command:

  1. Select the corresponding GPT step and edit it by customizing the prompt instructions.

  1. Let's reduce the number of key points to 4, ask GPT to start the summary with a one-sentence overview of the article, and use emojis for numbering the key points.

  1. Changing default commands can help you understand prompting principles and build your own automation setups. You can change any steps, remove scenario branches, or add new ones.

  2. Rename the command or keep it as is, then press Save.

  1. The predefined command now has custom response instructions, and its output format is quite different from the original.

# How to revert changes

Don't worry about making mistakes; if you're not satisfied with the result, you can edit the command or delete it:

  • Deleting customized command brings back the original version, even if you didn't rename it.

  • If you need to check the default version of the predefined command, you can find it in "Archived" group.

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