Make It Your Own
Annual billing
save 20%
for Everyone
single user only, limited deal
paid once
Everything in FREE plus
Unlimited power messages and command runs
Custom AI commands
Edit predefined commands
Chat history, export chats
Reuse chats across tabs
Commands cloud storage
No Megatokens
for Everyone
per seat / month
billed annually
Everything in FREE plus
Unlimited power messages and command runs
Custom AI commands
Edit predefined commands
Chat history, export chats
Reuse chats across tabs
Commands cloud storage
Multi-user collaboration
60 Megatokens
for Professionals
per seat / month
billed annually
Everything in S1 plus
Upload and iterate over your data with Loops and custom commands
Schedule & run commands as actions
180 Megatokens
for Automators
per seat / month
billed annually
Everything in S2 plus
Agent orchestration API, control agent swarms for complex mass automation
Google Sheet integration
360 Megatokens
Optional add-on
paid once
5 Megatokens
Connect your HARPA to the fast and reliable Cloud GPT models that support automation. This add-on is optional.
Supports AI automation
Faster than web session
Reliable, does not log you out, less than 0.01% downtime
No country-wise restriction

Billing F.A.Q.

What is included in FREE plan?

HARPA is a freemium app. Free features include:

  • Unlimited basic messages on Web Session and API Key connection.
  • Daily rate-limited Power Messages: commands, page-aware, web-aware, and parameterized AI messages.
  • Access to 100+ predefined commands.
  • Web page, price, and data monitoring.
  • Limited custom commands, automations, and more.

Upgrade for unlimited power messages, advanced features, AI automation, and Cloud GPT connection (coming soon).

What are Power Messages?

Power Messages are AI commands, page-aware, web-aware or parameterized AI messages sent in chat. Power messages have a daily rate limit on Free plan.

Upgrade to X or any S-tier plan for unlimited power messages.

What are Spaces?

Space is a personal, team or organization workspace, and is a place for storing your commands.

On S plan you can connect multiple members to your space to share commands across your team and organization. S-tier subscriptions are purchased per space and billed per number space members.

X plan activates for PERSONAL spaces only.

What are Megatokens?

Megatokens are consumed when sending chat requests on the fast HARPA Cloud GPT Model.

1 Megatoken is 1 million GPT-3.5 input tokens and is roughly 750.000 words of input text in English.

Output tokens cost x3 input tokens. GPT-4 tokens cost x20 of GPT-3.5 tokens.

X vs S-tier. Which to pick?

Here's a quick guide to help you decide:

  • X-tier: Ideal for personal use. It offers a one-time payment option and lifetime access, perfect for users on personal spaces.
  • S-tier: If you need advanced features, multi-user spaces, or want to try HARPA before committing to X-tier. S-tier plans are subscription-based, billed by the number of users in your space. They come with extra features and will include Megatokens in the future.

Both X and S-tier plans provide unlimited power messages, editing predefined commands, access to chat history and cloud storage.

Is it possible to change plans?

Any time from Account Settings Page → MANAGE BILLING

You are eligible for a one time discount of the X plan price if you decide to upgrade from X plan to an annual S-tier plan.

You can switch between monthly and annual billing by cancelling your current subscription, waiting for it to expire and resubscribing for a new term.

If you purchased an X plan, you will always retain it on your account, even if decide to upgrade to an S monthly or yearly plan.

How do I cancel subscription?

Any time from Account Settings Page → MANAGE BILLING

Can I change my payment method?

Any time from Account Settings Page → MANAGE BILLING

How many queries is in 1 Megatoken?

Queries vary in size. On average, 1 Megatoken is:

  • 3000 basic requests in chat on GPT-3.5 model.
  • 300 page-aware requests in chat on GPT-3.5 model.
  • 150 basic requests in chat on GPT-4 model.
  • 15 page-aware requests in chat on GPT-4 model.

Page and web-aware modes consume more tokens. GPT-4 model has a x20 cost of GPT-3.5 model.

Why Megatokens and not Query limits?

Token-based billing provides more transparency compared to query-based billing because query sizes can vary significantly.

HARPA AI acts as an AI automation agent and may consume more tokens when used for large-scale automation tasks.

With HARPA, you can easily monitor the exact number of tokens used for each query, ensuring clear and precise control over your usage.

What payment methods supported?

The billing is managed by FastSpring, BrightMarket LLC, secure and trusted global payment service provider.

FastSpring supports all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, ACH direct deposit, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, and international ACH direct deposit.

The availability of these payment methods may vary depending on the customer's location, the currency of the order, and the type of product in the order.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts.

However, if you upgrade from X plan to annual S1, S2, S3 plans, the X plan price will be discounted from the bill. This discount is applied automatically during upgrade.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.

Our policy is to provide a demo period for every paid feature we offer, so that you have an informed purchase decision.

I've made a purchase but still on a free plan?

The premium plan activates in HARPA AI Chrome Extension automatically as long as you are logged in to the website.

  • Please open HARPA Account page to verify you are logged in to the correct email account you made a purchase for.
  • Please open a ⚡ Billing Screen in HARPA AI Chrome Extension and click Refresh Button to force a billing status update.

If you are still having this problem after refresh, please contact us at [email protected] and mention your email address you made a purchase for and / or an Order ID from the FastSpring purchase confirmation email, which looks like this: HAR240129-7750-77107.

Need help purchasing or purchase fails?

If you are getting We regret that your order could not be accepted message, that is due a failed Risk Analysis check by your Bank or our payment service provider, FastSpring.

Please try the following:

  • Ensure the payment is being made from the region where the card has been issued. The region can be switched in the top right corner of the payment window during checkout.
  • Ensure using a local phone number during checkout. We do not store your phone number but use it for risk analysis purposes.
  • Change your IP address to the region of the purchase e.g. by turning off your VPN or connecting to your mobile network.
  • Use one of the direct checkout link: X Plan , S1 Monthly Plan or S1 Yearly Plan
  • Use a different browser for payment, for example, Google Chrome or Brave instead of Safari.
  • Use a different card / payment method.

We rely on FastSpring to process transactions. You can find more help on FastSpring Customer Support Page and our Troubleshoot Billing pages.

If nothing helps, please fill in a FastSpring Customer Support Form or send us a direct email at [email protected].

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