Connecting to Local LLMs


# What is Ollama

Ollama is a tool for running open-source large language models (LLMs) on your own computer. Unlike closed models like ChatGPT, Ollama offers transparency and customization.

Some popular open-source language models include:

Find all Ollama models here: ollama.com/library

# Download and Install Ollama

  • Go to ollama.com and download the version for your operating system.

  • Once installed, run the following command in your Terminal (Console) to download Llama 8b:

    ollama run llama3

If you want to use a different LLM, select it from the list and apply the correct command parameter in your Terminal.

Here are some example models that can be downloaded:

Model Parameters Size Download
Llama 3 8B 4.7GB ollama run llama3
Llama 3 70B 40GB ollama run llama3:70b
Phi 3 Mini 3.8B 2.3GB ollama run phi3
Phi 3 Medium 14B 7.9GB ollama run phi3:medium
Gemma 2 9B 5.5GB ollama run gemma2
Gemma 2 27B 16GB ollama run gemma2:27b
Mistral 7B 4.1GB ollama run mistral
Moondream 2 1.4B 829MB ollama run moondream
Neural Chat 7B 4.1GB ollama run neural-chat
Starling 7B 4.1GB ollama run starling-lm
Code Llama 7B 3.8GB ollama run codellama
Llama 2 Uncensored 7B 3.8GB ollama run llama2-uncensored
LLaVA 7B 4.5GB ollama run llava
Solar 10.7B 6.1GB ollama run solar


You should have at least 8 GB of RAM available to run the 7B models, 16 GB to run the 13B models, and 32 GB to run the 33B models

  • Once loaded, type your queries or /exit to quit.

# Connecting Ollama to HARPA AI

HARPA supports BYOM (Bring Your Own Model) concept through API Key connections.

  • Close the Ollama app on your computer and close the Terminal window running Ollama.

  • Open a new Terminal tab and enter:

For Mac:

OLLAMA_ORIGINS=chrome-extension://* ollama serve

For Windows:

set OLLAMA_ORIGINS=chrome-extension://* && ollama serve

If you see this message in the console, it means you haven't closed the Ollama App or the console.

  • Open another Terminal window and start your local Llama 3:

    ollama run llama3

  • Open HARPA by clicking its icon in the top right corner of the Chrome Browser or by pressing Alt+A (on Windows) and ^+A (on Mac).

  • Click on the connections menu in the bottom left corner and select 'API connections'.

  • Set up your API connection with these settings:

    API KEY: i-love-harpa

    CHAT MODEL: llama3

    API PROXY URL: http://localhost:11434/


Type the correct name of the LLM you installed on your PC/Mac.

Test your new connection, fine-tune instructions, system prompt, context size and other settings to achieve better results.

That's it. With a powerful PC, you can significantly save resources on tasks that your local model can handle, instead of spending money on AI API calls.

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