Beta Builds



Chrome Web Store may take up to a few days to review and publish new plugin version. Here you can get builds before they pass the review process.

Please feel free to download a Beta Build if you are interested in trying out new features or get a fix for a problem earlier than it gets through the Chrome Web Store review:

  • HARPA V8.8.1 โ€” built on 2024-05-31. Fixed ChatGPT connection issues on ChatGPT Free account.

# How to install Beta Builds

Please make sure to disable the production version of HARPA AI extension before installing the Beta Build. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit chrome://extensions/ link in your browser.
  • Turn on Developer Mode switch in the top right corner.

  • Locate HARPA AI, and turn it OFF.

  • Drag and drop the ZIP file you downloaded from this page to the chrome://extensions/ page.

The Beta Build will be installed.

# How to update Beta Builds

The Beta Build will not update automatically, so you will need to check this page for new versions and install them manually, or revert to the production version once the features and fixes pass the Chrome Web Store review process.

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