Creating AI Commands


# How to create a Custom AI Command?

HARPA supports creating custom multi-step AI-powered automations, called Commands. Commands combine powers of Web Automation and Large Language Models, and are designed to streamline your workflow.


Commands are easy to create and use. You do not need to have engineering knowledge to set up a custom AI command and boost your productivity.

To begin, make sure to install Google Chrome or a Chromium-based browser.

  1. Install the free HARPA AI Chrome Extension.
  2. Connect to ChatGPT, Gemini or Claude AI in your browser.
  3. Navigate to any websites and open HARPA by clicking its icon in the top right corner or pressing Alt+A (on Windows) and ^+A (on Mac).

Once you have HARPA AI installed, access the AI chat interface in HARPA AI, type / and click the CREATE + option at the top.

Done! You now have a sample command initialized in the Command Editor. This command has a sample GPT step that summarizes a web page into bullet points.

  • To customize your new command, click the ADD STEP button and pick a step type to add to your new command. More on steps, click here: Automation Steps.
  • For customizing your command with parameters, click here: Parameters.

Click SAVE to save your command.

You can now run it on any website by clicking the HARPA AI icon in the top right corner or by pressing Alt+A (on Windows) or ^+A (on Mac).

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