How to Bypass Claude AI SMS Verification


# Introduction

If you've faced challenges with Claude AI Connection because of the SMS verification requirement, there's important news: now, phone number verification is mandatory in countries where Claude is officially available. This guide offers a secure workaround for bypassing this verification using MobileSMS.io, enabling you to sign up for Claude even if the service hasn't been officially launched in your area yet.

# What You Will Need

  1. MobileSMS.io Account
  2. Supported IP address (only available in the UK and the US)
  3. Payment Method (for MobileSMS.io credit)

# IP Address Compatibility

If you've attempted to connect with Claude but your country isn't supported, worry not. You can easily resolve this by using a free VPN service. For instance, Claude functions seamlessly when connected to a US VPN in Browsec VPN.

# Step-by-Step Procedure

# Step 1: Set up a MobileSMS.io account

Navigate to MobileSMS.io and register for an account to access temporary phone numbers for SMS verification.

# Step 2: Top up your account

Multiple payment options are available, including Visa, MasterCard, and cryptocurrency. Please top up your account to proceed.

If you need to deposit less than $10, click the highlighted link:

# Step 3: Connection to Claude AI

Sign up via Anthropic'swebsite.

# Step 4: Select the Service and Country

Select "Claude" for the service and either "United States" or "United Kingdom" for the country. Click the "Get One-Time Number button."

# Step 5: SMS Code Verification

Enter SMS verification code you obtained via MobileSMS.io to finalize your Claude AI account setup.

# Troubleshooting

  • Overcoming Geographic Restrictions: Access Claude with a compatible IP address using a VPN
  • Failed Verification Attempts: Reset the verification process by requesting a new temporary number.

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