Built-in Midjourney Templates



There is now much less need to search for or purchase Midjourney templates. HARPA did the work for you, hand-picked, purchased and carefully designed prompt templates to craft your next ideal image in Midjourney.

HARPA AI comes with a Midjourney Prompt Wizard Command and gives you access to over 30 prompt templates. Access command by typing /midjourney in HARPA AI chat.

If you have any feedback or additions you'd like to share, please join us on our Discord.

# Illustrations

# Vector Art


Vector illustration is characterized by its clean, smooth lines and edges, representing shapes, lines, and colors through mathematical formulas. Distinct in its stylized appearance, vector art spans a spectrum from simple geometric designs to intricate, detailed artwork, all achieved without the constraints of pixelation.


Vector illustrations that are simplified and lack intricate details. Such artwork often emphasizes basic shapes, forms, and lines, resulting in a more abstract or minimalist aesthetic.


Vector illustrations that predominantly use earthy tones in their color palette often include shades of browns, greens, blues, and other colors associated with nature and the environment.

# Monochrome art

Monochrome picture art is a form of artwork where only one primary color is emphasized. All variations in the artwork derive from shades, tints, or tones of this single color, making it the focal point of the visual presentation.

# Black & White


Artwork created using pens and ink is characterized by its sharp lines, detailed strokes, and often high contrast.


Illustration created with a simplified pen and ink approach focuses on basic shapes and forms, using minimalistic strokes.


Picture created using charred wooden sticks or compressed charcoal results in rich, deep tones and varied textures. This medium allows for both broad, soft strokes and fine details, often producing expressive and atmospheric images with a smudged or blended appearance.

# 2000s style

Visual creations from the early 21st century often feature bright gradients, geometric shapes, and glossy elements. This era marked a blend of 2D and 3D graphics, with designs influenced by early digital tools, resulting in a unique mix of realism and digital abstraction.

# Colorful Chalks

Visuals created with vibrant chalks exhibit vivid hues and a textured appearance, evoking a tactile, spontaneous feel often associated with street or sidewalk art.

# Markers

Illustrations crafted with vibrant markers are characterized by their bright, saturated colors and defined lines. The medium offers precision combined with the potential for bold and varied strokes, producing artwork that has a lively and contemporary feel.

# Acid Colors

Illustrations with electrifying shades harness the intensity of fluorescent colors, creating artwork that stands out with a futuristic or psychedelic vibe.

# Photo

# Landscape

Describe the landscape, and I'll try to craft a prompt that helps Midjourney produce a memorable professional photo of the object. It will be suitable both for a family album and a National Geographic article cover.

# Drone Shot

In this option, you can choose the topography, region, and time of day from the available selections, or input your own custom choice. As a result, you'll receive a Midjourney prompt that generates a stunning bird's-eye view photo.

# Dark Reflectios

A prompt is being created to generate a black-and-white image adhering to the rule of thirds. The key subject of the image will be based on your description. This subject will be reflected on textures, in water (puddles), or on wet asphalt. It's all up to your imagination.

# Apocalyptic

Select a location, weather, lighting, and camera from the available options or input your custom choices. I'll create the perfect post-apocalyptic prompt for Midjourney, which will generate an image in the style of your favorite movies and games, such as 'The Day After Tomorrow', '28 Days Later...', or 'I Am Legend'.

# Portrait

A free-style portrait captured by a professional photographer using the stunning Leica M7 with a 35mm lens. You have the option to choose between black and white or color photography, describe the person or concept, and select the desired weather from the provided options or come up with your own.

# Custom Shot

This prompt was crafted by a professional photographer, who handpicked 15 ideal camera, lens, and filter combinations to achieve the best results. If you're unsure which option to choose, simply click AUTO and the AI will decide for you. Additionally, there are 5 Polaroid photo presets, 5 Cinematic, and 5 Creative mods available. Within these, you can even find a disposable camera with a plastic lens that evokes a memorable old-school atmosphere

# Vector art


Vector logos are marked by their crisp, smooth outlines, capturing shapes, lines, and colors through mathematical equations. Known for its stylized look, vector logo design ranges from basic geometric patterns to elaborate, detailed emblems, all while avoiding pixelation issues.


Logos in this vector style are streamlined and devoid of complex details. The emphasis on primary shapes, forms, and lines results in a more abstract or minimalist brand identity.


Vector logos that predominantly employ earthy hues typically feature browns, greens, blues, and other nature-associated colors, suggesting an environmentally conscious or organic brand.

# Sketch


Logos utilizing a pared-down pen and ink technique focus on fundamental shapes and structures, employing minimalistic lines for a cleaner aesthetic.


Logos designed using charred wood or condensed charcoal exhibit rich, deep shades and diverse textures. They can vary from broad, gentle strokes to intricate details, often resulting in emotive and atmospheric brand identities with a slightly smudged or merged look.


Monochrome logos highlight a single primary color. All variations in the design come from shades, tints, or tones of that singular color, centralizing its visual impact.

# Notion Style

The logo illustration is based on a fictional character. Logos in this 'notion-style' created with bold markers are characterized by their vibrant, deeply saturated colors and distinct outlines.

# Colored & Minimal


A futuristic, minimalist, and colorful logo inspired by Alebrije, Lee Ufan, and Anne Truitt, drawing from artifacts of online culture, the use of fabric, and functional aesthetics.


Minimalist, old-fashioned logos in an 80s-90s style, inspired by tech companies and well-known brands of that era.


Minimalist logos in neon colors, inspired by Rob Janoff, plain, and functional. You can select a monochromatic background from the provided options or customize it manually.

# Old-fashioned


A circular logo reminiscent of 70s-80s emblem styles, evoking retro vibes and fond memories.


A logo styled after postage stamps or stickers from the 80s.


A logo designed in the style of a seal imprint.

# Single Letter

A logo consisting of a single letter. You can input the letter and then provide additional instructions to ensure the result meets your expectations.

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