Comparing to Bing AI


# Alternative to Bing AI for Chrome

HARPA AI can be used as a substitute for Bing AI on Google Chrome, Brave and Opera. HARPA AI provides a similar set of features, including AI augmented web search, page-aware chat and text writer, is free and is based on ChatGPT and GPT-4.

This guide will dive into the differences between the two products.

## What is Bing AI?

In winter 2023, Microsoft's Bing search engine has been enhanced with generative artificial intelligence (AI). The Bing AI Chatbot enhances results of a web search with the help of GPT-4, an AI developed by OpenAI. The AI augments Bing's traditional search engine, but can also function separately as a chatbot and writer.

## What is HARPA AI?

HARPA AI is a Google Chrome Extension powered by hybrid AI engine which combines ChatGPT and Web Automation. It is very similar to Microsoft BingAI, but with additional automation and customization capabilities. It is a Bing AI alternative, working in Google Chrome with your OpenAI ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus account.

AI powered HARPA Extension converts web pages to text documents, and feeds them to ChatGPT for language processing. This enables a wide range of possibilities:

## BingAI vs. HARPA Comparison

While both BingAI and HARPA AI Chrome Plugin help you find information online, they differ in their approach and offerings:

  • Search functionality. Bing AI integrates into Bing search engine and Microsoft AI Browser, Edge. HARPA AI works with Google Search, Microsoft Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Kagi, AOL, Yandex, Naver, Brave, Ecosia and Google Scholar.
  • Browser compatibility. Bing AI is integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser, while HARPA AI is an extension designed for the Google Chrome browser. Both solutions are free.
  • Web page integration. HARPA AI can run page content through pre-built commands to summarize web pages, extract data, rephrase, translate or generate content.
  • 🟠 Search results enhancement. BingAI injects search results into GPT answers. HARPA AI does not.
  • AI writer. Microsoft Edge includes Bing AI chatbot, while HARPA AI includes smart composer dialog, which are very similar in capabilities. The composer has an edge providing more options and being extendable, for example it can be used as an AI email writer.
  • Web monitoring and automation. HARPA AI offers extensive web monitoring and automation features: price drop alerts, in-stock availability monitoring, auto refreshing pages, and IFTTT.
  • 🟠 BingAI can process large websites and PDF. HARPA AI is limited to GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 tokens limit, which is currently 4096 (or ~12k english words). This limit will be increased once we add OpenAI API keys support and OpenAI releases a higher GPT-4 token limit.
  • Privacy and data handling. HARPA AI emphasizes privacy by design, running monitors locally and keeping your data on your machine. BingAI may store user data on its servers to improve the search experience. Moreover, to access Bing you need to login in to a Microsoft account.
  • ✅ The Text Grab feature is not available for Bing users.

HARPA AI is like Bing AI for Chrome, but they address slightly different needs. Bing for Edge appeals to users seeking a conventional search engine experience. HARPA AI is designed to be more than a web chatgpt extension or a search-assistant.

## Benefits of HARPA AI

One of the key strengths of HARPA AI is its versatility. HARPA AI offers more than 100 page aware prompts and dialogs for various web browsing use cases. This includes:

  • Writing Facebook Posts
  • Replying to Instagram Direct Messages
  • Improving your CV on LinkedIn
  • Summarizing YouTube videos to key takeaways
  • Writing SEO articles and others

In addition to the 100+ pre-built prompts, HARPA AI allows you to write custom commands ones. And we plan to add macros and integrations so you will be able to build complex IFTTT scenarios.

HARPA AI also supports parameters interpolation in ChatGPT prompts, and provides {{page}}, {{title}}, {{transcript}} and other predefined and custom parameters.

The HARPA AI Chrome Extension also provides the Text Grab feature. It enables you to select a text block directly from the webpage and insert it into your prompt.

## How HARPA AI is Designed

HARPA works as AI Copilot for Chrome. It understands web page semantics, converts web pages into text documents, and feeds them to OpenAI ChatGPT. It has an intricate web automation engine which is injected into the web pages. The engine was inspired by Puppeteer and Playwright, but focused on stability and robustness.

For example, HARPA AI uses a concepts of fluid locators (weighted selector lists), to locate elements on page. This makes HARPA AI hard to break if website markup updates between automation runs.

The LLM functionality is delegated to ChatGPT. HARPA AI supports both free OpenAI account and OpenAI Plus (ChatGPT Plus) with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. Complex dialogues such as Composer are designed using ChatML language. ChatML stands for Chat Markup Language, and is somewhat similar to AIML but simplified and backed by YAML.

## Automation Capabilities

What makes HARPA AI different from other AI tools like Bing AI for Edge is its emphasis on automation and personalization 🚀. With HARPA AI browser extension, you can get automatic notifications for price drops and back-in-stock alerts. You can even API-fy websites by triggering scenarios from HARPA AI web monitors. These features help you save time and streamline your work.

Since HARPA AI runs automations locally in your browser, it does not need to transfer your data away. It keeps your data on your machine, so you can be confident that your information is safe and secure.

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